About Commercial Aluminum Toppers

Century Commercial Units with toolboxes do not require drilling to your truck---Raised boxes allow for clamping unit to truck !

Century Commercial Units come standard in .035 metal in white, black, or dove gray---Thicker than the standard .030 metal !

Multitude of options---Numerous rack styles, rear door styles, tool box features, and much more !

Commercial Aluminum Toppers

Commercial Toppers by Century


29 Inches Tall

Drop Front (Wedge)

Height Options

Side Options

Front Options

Rear Options

Toolbox Options

Rack Options

Features and Options

Standard Features

Limited five year structural warranty

23" height

Complete welded framework

Three point locking system

66" side doors

All doors have gas props

Tube and flange construction bracing in corners for superior strength

.080 baserails, strongest in the industry

.035 heavy duty smooth aluminum

Colors: black, white, or dove gray

Brake light

Popular Options

.040 extra heavy duty smooth aluminum

Extra height -- 29" tall or drop front(cab-hi to 29" wedge)

Painted to match your truck color

All black trim

Fixed front window or front sliding window

88" side door

Double side doors

Dent protection panels on side doors

Tool boxes - 68" or 88"

Shelving for the toolboxes

Windows -  sides and rear

Full walk-in doors - single or double

Security screens - front, sides or rear windows

Three point locking system on rear door

Utility racks - several styles

More Commercial Toppers

Commercial Tops by Southeastern

1/2 Lift Rear Door

Double Full Walk-in Door

Single Full Walk-in Door

1/2 Lift Rear Door Model Painted Color of Truck

Features and Options

Standard Features

Available in 15 different colors (longer lead times for some select colors.) (.030)

23" tall

Solid side lift doors (66")

Solid rear 1/2 lift door

Paddle locks

Black trim

Welded Frames

Extra roof bows

Gas props on all doors

Popular Options

Front picture window

Front sliding window

30" tall

Wedge style

Custom height (Ask for details)

Double side doors

Windows on sides and rear

82" side doors

Toolboxes - 66" or 82"

Horizontal shelf

Vertical divider

Interior light

Cage rack

Center leg for cage rack

Security screens

Single full walk-in rear door (mini and narrow trucks only)

Double full walk-in rear door (full and wide trucks only)

Custom paint to match your truck color