Fiberglass Lids

About Fiberglass Lids

  • Most of our fiberglass lids come standard with a FULL aluminum L-frame---Much stronger and less problematic than flat or partial frames.  

  • Most of our fiberglass lids use a rotary latch system that wraps around a solid metal D-ring on the unit frame---Much more secure than units using rod bars held together by plastic pieces!!  

  • All our fiberglass lids come standard  with a full honeycombed reinforced structure---Much stronger than units that do not have this feature.  

  • All our fiberglass lids are mounted with specifically designed heavy gauge aluminum lid clamps---Less shifting and fewer leak problems than units using composite style clamps.  

  • Most of our fiberglass lids come with a long front piano hinge system rather than a 4-bar hinge system, thereby eliminating any unnecessary motion and requiring much less maintenance and fewer adjustments.  It is a much stronger design and has less chance of leak problems.

The "Sportlid" by Ranch


The SPORTLID is our most economically priced fiberglass lid that features a non-wrapover design,  a painted trim, full honeycombed reinforcement, lift assist arms, and rotary latches.  Hands down-- this unit shatters the competition's comparable model !

The "Sportlid Wrap" by Ranch


The SPORTLID WRAP  features a trimless edge and a low profile wrapover design that wraps over the bedrails of your truck with or without factory railcaps.  This model is also one of our most economically priced   fiberglass lids, yet you get much more value than anyone else's comparable lid !     Check it out !




The "Legacy" by Ranch


The LEGACY is a sporty looking lid which features stylelines that are consistent in appearance from     truck to truck, which will definitely complement your vehicle, and comes with a rotary latch system.  This is Ranch's premium model --for a bit of a different look, this may be the one for you.





Features and Options

Standard Features

Aerodynamically designed - enhances fuel economy

No drill application - clamp on

Automotive clear coat high gloss painted finish

Honeycombed reinforced fiberglass construction

Limited lifetime fiberglass warranty

Limited lifetime color fade warranty

Lockable - keeps your stuff secure

Lift assists - for easy opening

Wrapover design on most trucks with factory railcaps

Premium push lock

Popular Options

Fabric interior  

Aerodynamic wing

Roof Rack  

Interior light  

Remote keyless entry system

Tri Coat colors